In many situations within the banking circles, the Core Banking Application (CBA) doesn’t have all the functionality which will enable the banks to better serve their customers. This therefore calls for third party apps to address these specific needs and subsequently connect to CBA. The only hitch is the language spoken by these two are most often different and as such is it difficult for the two applications to communicate. Footbridge as its name suggests provides the solution by creating a means through which these third party apps can connect seamlessly though securely to the CBA and ensure the service to be rendered to the customers are efficiently achieved.


Services rendered to clients have to be charged and when charging becomes an issue because the client base is huge, it becomes a burden to the service provider. There are other scenarios where premiums have to be debited from mass accounts and credited to a single account or vice versa and ways to go about it takes days or even months to close these transactions. This alone can give the providers sleepless nights as there can be untold errors which may come about if not properly handled.

Stagelight is a charging system that is used to upload product charges to Core Banking Application. That is it can be used to charge both accounts: a debit with its corresponding credit and vice versa while giving updates on the upload statuses and performing background uploads of failed transactions for both bank product and VAT charges.


To ensure that banks meet compliance rules as well as are able to obtain multiproduct reconciliation, calculation and reporting systems, they use various products which helps them to achieve the points mentioned. Problems arise however when the reports or data being processed for the CBA are in formats which are unreadable by same. Sandbag therefore provides that fix by formatting the files into the understandable format required by the CBA so that the initial goal of helping these financial institutions to obtain complete visibility monitoring and problem prevention to reduce operation costs while maximising its use and ensuring compliance is achieved.


Most OMCs have issues with managing their many branches and their operations in a seamless environment. Management from operations comprises day to day sales, fuel offloading, to daily lodgements. Float provides the OMC with proper inventory management, record keeping and statistics as well as reports to properly manage operations thereby increasing their gains.

Float POS

We live in a world where quality service rendered is applauded. Float POS is a solution for all kinds of service which has a point of sale. Float POS has an inventory management system as well as the sales area with different forms of features specific to the kind of business provided. Float POS is available for retail businesses as well as hospitality management businesses and enables you to fully manage your custom providing you with various kinds of reports and graphs to enable you make informed decisions based on the sales made.


PayVision is a payroll system which aids patrons to calculate gross and net amounts, tax and SSNIT contributions, providing reports which make it easier for the employees to know what the deductions on their pay checks are. PayVision makes life bearable for employers as they are able to comply with government regulations about salary, taxes and pension contributions while providing employees with the security and transparency as records can always be set straight from the reports.


There are a lot of services that we subscribe to which we need to make payments albeit with some form of convenience. Footprint brings this convenience by allowing banks and other financial institutions to receive these payments on their behalf. Footprint makes it possible for banks to receive and give out payments on the ticket of WAEC as well as to receive the payments to bills on behalf of ECG in partner banks.


SMS has proven to be one of the very reliable means to relay information. You are sure the message will reach the intended recipient even if their phones are off at the time of sending because any moment it comes on, the message will drop. The “default” SMS platforms costs a lot to send bulk messages and doesn’t allow for customisations. Centurion is a platform which allows for bulk SMS and individual SMS to be sent at an affordable price.


Developed with one of our partners, CompuCare is an electronic hospital administration and patient management/administration system (PAS). Right from the time a patient enters the hospital to being detained and discharged or right from stepping foot in the hospital to being discharged, CompuCare enables that all your details are captured and are readily available.


Ecclesia is a comprehensive online church management and accounting system that enables churches to manage their branches, members, finances, and church events with email and SMS notifications. There is no limit to the number of branches a church can create as well as members and events that can be registered. Members can also log into their portals and see their details, payments, news and events of the church.


Frontline is a hotel management application which simplifies the operations of the hotel. With options for managing the front desk, managing the restaurant, accounting, inventory management and any other service undertaken in the hotel, Frontline makes it way easier to from one point ensure the hotel is run smoothly-providing all the reports needed to aid in statistics taking and decision making. This helps to measure the performance of the hotel and its subsidiaries.