Web Application Development

For businesses to truly harness the power of the Internet, Websites must evolve. They must learn to interact with one another as well as with existing systems and applications. Whitsun is a leading company in Ghana that can take your existing website to new heights. Not only can our company easily integrate internal applications, you can also access services offered by other businesses. By combining XML Web services exposed on the Internet, we can program the Web to create a wide variety of value-added applications.

Website Development

A website becomes a solid asset only when it effectively communicates your company's online vision. Because every company has specific demands for its Internet presence, Whitsun consults with you to learn every detail of your online goals. Empowered by years of industry experience, Whitsun translates your ideas into a website that your customers will come to rely upon.

Whitsun's award-winning team builds profitable websites based upon sound design principles and the latest technologies, including Adobe Flash, ASP.NET, WPF/SilverLight, AJAX, jQuery, and SQL.

Domain Registration

A business without advertisement can be likened to someone winking at a lady in the dark. You just can’t be seen. To get your market out there on the web, you need an address by which people can have access to you. Whitsun helps you to get the best name which suits your business and on which your website or other web application can be found- thereby putting you in the light.

Web Hosting

Advertising your business is no longer for the local geographic area. You need to be able to reach masses and this can be done when you have an online presence. Whitsun helps you to get an edge over your competitors by hosting your website as well as providing you with customised email accounts which give your company that professional touch. We are well aware of any security/data recovery fears you may encounter and we have that well thought of hence you just need to relax while we work for you.


We understand how advantageous it is for companies to be able to access critical information from anywhere, at any time. We can help you create an Intranet or Extranet framework and develop robust information management system. We will create a strong foundation for your corporate knowledge, project or document management, business-to-business extranet, decision support system and more giving access to corporate portals, collaboration tools, enterprise data repositories and workflow automation tools.


Employing the in-house staff necessary to address your routine Internet development needs can become costly and impractical. Outsourcing website maintenance to Whitsun, a leader in site maintenance since 2000, provides a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Whitsun will address and update time-sensitive content, ensure constant search engine placement and maintain site databases for one-third of the cost of an adequate in-house staff. Just as your customer is a living, breathing entity, so should be your website. Whitsun anticipates the changing and evolving needs of your customers and updates your site to meet their demands.