We understand that the world is mobile and that is the fastest way to get your tasks done or to reach your target market. We therefore understand the need to use this surge to your advantage. Whitsun builds native apps which can be used by your customers and in the process benefit you both.

We also design mobile friendly web applications and sites so that irrespective of the device which is being used to access your, content will be seen in the best form as ever. Thus wherever your customers are, you will be able to reach them.

Whitsun brings innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies in the mobile domain into your business


Usability, style and swag, efficiency, memory management, great usable designs are some of the wow factors of apps built by Whitsun. We know how much mobile phones have become second nature to most people and are second fiddle to laptops and “regular” computers. We understand so much that you need to perform at least 3 tasks in the fore whereas background processes run and all these need to be responsive by the minutest second you can think of.

We incorporate these and more in the building of our mobile apps which will help you to work, stay current, and reach your consumers in real time making your app the most sought after.