WHITSUN always enters into a specification process with clients before beginning work on a project. Just like you would never build a house without getting an architect to create a plan; WHITSUN always creates detailed plans for the project before starting work.

As you might appreciate, it is not realistic to understand the complexity of your system and give you a realistic estimate after a brief meeting. Our experience tells us we will need to spend a few days to obtain and document the requirements from the project’s stakeholders. This will help you turn your ideas into a more detailed roadmap.

There are two variations for us doing the Specification Review:

  • If you have an existing specification, we give it a high level review
  • If you do not have an existing specification, we generate a high level overview of all of the requirements that have been identified

We offer Free software Review

The deliverables for the Specification Review depend upon how large the application is and the time we have spent on the review.

You will receive:

  • High level PowerPoint presentation
    • Requirement Analysis
      • Infrastructure – A summary of your current infrastructure, and technology configuration and limitations
      • System Overview – An overview of the new system requirements
      • System Integration – An outline of integration required with different data sources. WHITSUN developers will investigate all these systems and create a roadmap for the integration. You will have a confirmation that all sources can be integrated and the method of integration
    • Summary Release Plan
      • A list of tasks will be broken down based on the Requirements Analysis and the Architectural Design
      • These tasks will then be estimated and moved into release plans for two week implementations
    • Ballpark estimates
      • The number of releases
      • The number of ‘man-months’ of work to complete the project
      • Estimated cost of the project
  • A word document, if required
    • Contains the Software Architects’ notes and screenshots
    • Architectural Design
      • Database Schema – A basic schema of your new database to be designed according to your requirements. The schema will demonstrate the table design and relationships in the back-end
      • Page Descriptions – A general description of the pages based on the System Overview above, including controls and general business rules which provide the foundation for detailed business logic and implementation
      • Sitemap – A diagram illustrating the application navigation, and the connection between pages

For most projects the specification process is broken up into a number of stages, the first being a specification review, and then further specification work as and when required. For smaller projects, say less than a month in duration, only a specification review may be conducted. It really depends on how complex your project is.

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